Monday, 13 August 2018

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks:

Friends today we are going to talk about wifi. So if you use wifi then their is a basic question in your mind that is, "How To Increase Wifi Speed". So today i want to give you Top 3 Tricks by which you can increase your wifi speed.

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks

Top 3 Simple Tips to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

1. Perfect Placement: 

Never place your WiFi inside the center of the house, in order that your WiFi's Coverage Improve will be the perfect way to hold WiFi's Network Coverage exact. Many humans preserve WiFi in any corner of the house and it's far tough to get Range from it. Keep the Router ahead inside the center of the house, in order to get higher coverage, and preserve it away from different digital items which includes printers, microwave ovens, other routers and so on.

2) Update your WiFi Password Regularly: 

How frequently have you modified the password of WiFi ?? Or has the identical password since WiFi mounted? Those who've already given your password will also be the use of your WiFi till the give up, and this reduces the speed of the WiFi. So it's why you should maintain converting your WiFi password every 6 months.

3) Try Using USB Router: 

Turn your eye to your Router and in case you show a USB port there you can join it to a Hard Drive or Printer after which it is going to be available for all Devices in Device Network, and after that All computer systems on the Network Tax will be able to get right of entry to that Hard Drive or Printer.

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