Sunday, 29 July 2018

Do not Buy Xiaomi Smartphones: Hidden Terms & Conditions

Do not Buy Xiaomi Smartphones: Hidden Terms & Conditions

Xiaomi India's No.1 Smartphone Brand. So friends today we will talk about india's No.1 smartphone compny Xiaomi's "privacy - policy". So first of all guys you should  know about GDPR. The full form of GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation. It has been implemented in European countries.

GDPR is the Law has been made to protect the privacy of the people. All companies have updated their policiy. And Xiaomi has also updated their privacy-policy, and he has clearly told that they will collect some importent informations of you. So if you want to know about what type of information they want, please read this post carefully.

Information That Will Be Collected From You By Xiaomi: 

Firstly Xiaomi collect your personal Informations, such as your name, your date of birth, your gender, and your contact details, your phone number, e-mail address etc. Also, they can collect the details of the bank and the credit card details of the bank. Because when you order a phone on, it says "we need all those information" or else where will we take money? In addition to your social activities also. Even they can also collet Your home address. Because when you book a phone on, you will have to share your home address.

And there is a special thing you can upload any data on Mi Cloud, that means whatever photos you upload in it, even if you have their own photo, then you can collect it whenever you want. Are there. But if you do not want to give this information to them, you can also choose to deny it, but then you will not be able to enjoy Xiaomi's service.

Here one thing has been clarified that these information can be collected by collectors, but they are promising that they will not sell anyone and will not upload them to their server. Well, this is the full story about Xiaomi smartphone security or privacy. Now its your turn to decide Xiaomi good or bad.

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