Thursday, 16 August 2018

August 16, 2018

One Call You Can Find Your Stolen smartphone

One Call You Can Find Your Stolen smartphone:

Now, while mobile turned into misplaced or stolen, you need to make a criticism before complaining, however now the government has given such a facility, in an effort to give you freedom from these problems. The government has issued a helpline range, on which you could complain about your lost or stolen cell.

One Call You Can Find Your Stolen smartphone

The authorities has released a helpline variety 14422. On this helpline variety, you can sign up a complaint against your stolen mobile. The criticism may be registered in this range via dialing on this range via sending the message you can sign up your criticism and the police and service provider will search the cell.

It may be carried out in diverse phases of the usa in 21 different telecom circles with the aid of December. Every citizen will have full knowledge of cellular inside the CEIR(Central Equipment Identity Register) prepared with the aid of the Department of Telecommunications. Looking at hundreds of mobile theft and theft for the previous few years, C-DOT(Center of Development of Telematics) had requested the telecommunications ministry to develop this mechanism.

Information about each citizen of the united states: The Center for Telecommunications Technology (C-DOT) has prepared the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) for theft or lacking cell. CEER has a cell version of every citizen of India, SIM quantity and IMEI range.

C-DOT has evolved the mechanism of matching the IMEI quantity issued through the producer at the mobile model. This device might be handed over to the police of the states in a phased manner. Police and service vendors will match mobile fashions and IMEI as soon because the criticism is registered after the cell is lost. If the IMEI range has been changed, then the provider issuer will close it down. Police might be capable of song mobile even when the carrier is closed.

SIM could be closed: 

According to C-Dot, no SIM will be hooked up on mobile if any SIM is found, but it's going to continue to be tracked. A survey of the ministry revealed that 18,000 handsets are going for walks at the same IMEI wide variety within the us of a.

Penalty and Penalties Provision: 

On converting the IMEI, there is a provision of three years’ sentence and penalty. Last 12 months, the Ministry of Telecommunications had amended the Telegraph Act in view of growing cellular robbery, robbery, and growing proceedings. According to this change, punitive motion might be taken in opposition to those who've been molested via IMEI.

Monday, 13 August 2018

August 13, 2018

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks:

Friends today we are going to talk about wifi. So if you use wifi then their is a basic question in your mind that is, "How To Increase Wifi Speed". So today i want to give you Top 3 Tricks by which you can increase your wifi speed.

How To Increase WiFi Speed - Top 3 Tricks

Top 3 Simple Tips to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

1. Perfect Placement: 

Never place your WiFi inside the center of the house, in order that your WiFi's Coverage Improve will be the perfect way to hold WiFi's Network Coverage exact. Many humans preserve WiFi in any corner of the house and it's far tough to get Range from it. Keep the Router ahead inside the center of the house, in order to get higher coverage, and preserve it away from different digital items which includes printers, microwave ovens, other routers and so on.

2) Update your WiFi Password Regularly: 

How frequently have you modified the password of WiFi ?? Or has the identical password since WiFi mounted? Those who've already given your password will also be the use of your WiFi till the give up, and this reduces the speed of the WiFi. So it's why you should maintain converting your WiFi password every 6 months.

3) Try Using USB Router: 

Turn your eye to your Router and in case you show a USB port there you can join it to a Hard Drive or Printer after which it is going to be available for all Devices in Device Network, and after that All computer systems on the Network Tax will be able to get right of entry to that Hard Drive or Printer.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

August 05, 2018

Edite PDF Online For Free

Edite PDF Online For Free:

Friends, today we are able to speak How to Edit PDFs Online for Free, this is how we can edit PDFs in unfastened. Nowadays PDF File is needed everywhere, whether or not it's far work of school, colleges or places of work, or any undertaking, people use it all over the location. And we've got long in view that study PDFs from Adobe Acrobat. But if we want to edit PDF, we must get a Paid version. But We will search on the internet and find approaches to apply it freely.

Edite PDF Online For Free

How To Edite PDF Online For Free:

Firstly, upload the PDF file to Google Drive. To upload a PDF file to Google Drive, you can click on New> File Upload and rr Open with> Google Docs, then whatever changes you make or change, save it and save the file in PDF or Word Document.

But keep in mind that the above mentioned trick will work only on PDF files which contain Texts, the rest will not work on any other documents. If you are editing a form then there may be some space left out of it, and if there are any Fancy Images or Fancy Texts in the PDF, then there are chances of going missing.

Thank You..

Sunday, 29 July 2018

July 29, 2018

Do not Buy Xiaomi Smartphones: Hidden Terms & Conditions

Do not Buy Xiaomi Smartphones: Hidden Terms & Conditions

Xiaomi India's No.1 Smartphone Brand. So friends today we will talk about india's No.1 smartphone compny Xiaomi's "privacy - policy". So first of all guys you should  know about GDPR. The full form of GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation. It has been implemented in European countries.

GDPR is the Law has been made to protect the privacy of the people. All companies have updated their policiy. And Xiaomi has also updated their privacy-policy, and he has clearly told that they will collect some importent informations of you. So if you want to know about what type of information they want, please read this post carefully.

Information That Will Be Collected From You By Xiaomi: 

Firstly Xiaomi collect your personal Informations, such as your name, your date of birth, your gender, and your contact details, your phone number, e-mail address etc. Also, they can collect the details of the bank and the credit card details of the bank. Because when you order a phone on, it says "we need all those information" or else where will we take money? In addition to your social activities also. Even they can also collet Your home address. Because when you book a phone on, you will have to share your home address.

And there is a special thing you can upload any data on Mi Cloud, that means whatever photos you upload in it, even if you have their own photo, then you can collect it whenever you want. Are there. But if you do not want to give this information to them, you can also choose to deny it, but then you will not be able to enjoy Xiaomi's service.

Here one thing has been clarified that these information can be collected by collectors, but they are promising that they will not sell anyone and will not upload them to their server. Well, this is the full story about Xiaomi smartphone security or privacy. Now its your turn to decide Xiaomi good or bad.

Thank you..

Friday, 27 July 2018

July 27, 2018

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Live Train Running Status, PNR status via WhatsApp

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Live Train Running Status, PNR status via WhatsApp:

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Live Train Running Status, PNR status via WhatsApp

Hi guys our indian railways has announced a special feature for all android users. Now we can check indian railways IRCTC live train status, PNR status via whatsapp. Its very easy to check and its totaly free. so if you want to check your train status please read this post carefully.

Step-by-step process how to check Indian Railways IRCTC Live Train Running Status, PNR status via WhatsApp?

Step 1: First of all, make sure you have the latest and updated version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. Go to Play Store for Android or App Store for your iOS device and check if your WhatsApp has received an update.

Step 2: WhatsApp doesn’t allow sending a message without first saving a contact number on our smartphone. So, you need to save MakeMyTrip’s number on your smartphone which is 7349389104. Go to your phone’s contact app and save the contact number as you often do.

Check Indian Railways IRCTC Live Train Running Status, PNR status via WhatsApp

Passengers can keep themselves updated with live train status, PNR status, departed railway station, emerging railway station and more.

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Step 3: Open WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp is taking unusually long to refresh your contact list on its own, tap on the message icon at the bottom > more options at the top right corner > Refresh. Now, you can locate MakeMyTrip on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Open MakeMyTrip chat window on WhatsApp. Enter a specific train number to check live train running status and schedule. In my case, I entered a train number 12006 to retrieve live train status for Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express.

Step 5: Similarly, you can check your booking status by entering the PNR number. MakeMyTrip should respond with your real-time booking status.


Monday, 23 July 2018

July 23, 2018

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know :

Almost We All Have WhatsApp On Our Android Smartphones. Now Whatsapp Is Most Importent Part Of Our Daily Life.
So Today I Want To Tell You Some Basic Tricks About Whatsapp.

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

Whatsapp Tricks:

1) Becoming Invisible In Whatsapp Latest Trick

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

If you don’t want everybody to see you online or check your status, pics, or account information, please use the following trick:

For Android: Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy.
Change the settings of personal data

2) Stylish Text Messages Trick

You can make can send lots of stylish text messages such as bold type, italics, and strikethrough etc.

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

If you want to send message in italics style? Write the underscore signs on both sides of your _text_ .

Want the message in bold type?
Use the star key on both sides of the *text*.

want the messages in strikethrough type?
Use twiddles on both sides of the ~message~.

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3) Trick To Save Storage From Autodownloading

Five Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

WhatsApp is a very smart application, it automatically saves all your media sent while chatting but there is some problem because to perform this smart operation whatsapp needed much storage.
But if you want to stop the auto downloading dunction please Use the following trick.

For Android: go to Settings > Data Usage, and choose the parameters of file downloading

4) How to find important messages quickly

Sometimes you search for a certain important message for hours. Don’t waste your time: choose the message, and star it (the star sign in the upper part of the screen). Now it can be quickly found in the "Starred messages" tab in the main menu

5) Delete Messages for Everyone

One of the cool things that WhatsApp does now is that it allows you to delete messages for everyone. This is a very handy feature if you want to retract messages that you sent by mistake.It’s very easy. Please follow the proper step :
All you need to do is tap and hold on a message to select it > then tap on the trashcan button at the top >  Now, you will see that you have three options (1-You can either delete the message for yourself, 2) for everyone, 3) you can cancel the operation). Tap on the “Delete for Everyone” option to delete the message not only for yourself but also for the person on the other side.

Friday, 20 July 2018

July 20, 2018

LOST.DIR Folder : All Details About Lost.dir Folder

LOST.DIR Folder : All Details About Lost.dir Folder

LOST.DIR Folder : All Details About Lost.dir Folder

Hello Guys, today we are going to discuss about LOST.DIR folder. So lets start...


What Is LOST.DIR Folder?

The LOST.DIR is a system folder. Its a place wherein the Android OS places documents that have been recovered at some point of a system boot up (ie when you turn to your phone). It is analogous to the 'Recycle Bin' beneath Windows OS. The files that are stored inside this directory are often recoverable. Most of the instances you might not find whatever at all in LOST.DIR directory.

How do I recover files from LOST.DIR folder?

In order to forestall permanent loss of files from LOST.DIR folder in Android, you need to quick recover lacking documents earlier than your Android cellphone memory area is overwritten with the aid of a few new statistics. Therefore use of a few pertinent LOST.DIR Android restoration tool is suggested. Yodot Android Data Recover, Recuva are multiple examples which worked for me.

Can I Delete LOST.DIR Folder Content?

In order to save precious memory space its completely ordinary to delete the contents of LOST.DIR because it simplest acts as a recycle bin. You also can delete the LOST.DIR folder itself but it will reappear the subsequent time the system boots up. When your Android device throws up a message announcing 'Preparing outside SD card' its without a doubt checking the contents of LOST.DIR.
So,its not a big issue to delete (you can delete).